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The Shewee For When Nature Calls

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A Shewee is a Polypropylene (recyclable plastic) funnel shaped device which allows women to urinate while standing, or sitting, without needing to remove clothing. A quick google search reveals that this female device is a bit of a controversial subject. Some women are horrified at the idea of peeing ‘like a man’, while some men think they are a bit of a joke, designed for feminists and butch lesbians. Others love them.

There are many situations in which a Shewee could potentially come in handy for example: backpacking, camping in the wilderness, extremely cold conditions, dirty public toilets… Personally, I just want to stop having to crouch in the bushes while out walking. Ticks are a problem in the countryside, and if this device helps me to avoid exposing myself more than necessary, then you can count me in.

I first purchased a Shewee about 5 years ago, hoping that it would be useful on camping trips, but couldn’t get on with it. I now realise my technique was all wrong. I made the mistake of pushing the Shewee too tightly against my body as though it was a suction cup, and it spilled over every time. I began to assume that I must have something peculiar about my anatomy, and reluctantly gave up.

A while later, I was at a music festival and saw a line of ladies queuing up to use ‘Shewee urinal’ cubicles. I wondered what their secret was, clearly there were women out there who had mastered the art of the Shewee.

So it was only a few weeks ago, having read some useful reviews on Amazon, that I decided to give the Shewee another go. This time, using the correct technique, I managed it first time and I haven’t had any mishaps! I expect it will take a bit of confidence to use it outdoors for the first time, but I’d rather not have ticks crawling on my bottom!

Instructions for use:

It’s obviously a good idea to practice this in your own bathroom first!

  1. Undo your trousers, push your underwear down or to one side, and place the Shewee gently against your body. The pointy end should be touching your perineum and the rounded end at the front should be held a few millimetres below your body to allow airflow. Avoid pushing the Shewee tightly against you, as though it’s a suction cup. If you do this it will definitely overflow!
  2. Position your back into the wind, and remember gravity – the outlet pipe must be lower than the pointy end. Aim the Shewee away from your feet, towards the ground. It helps if you stand with your legs wider apart than usual, and slightly bent at the knees.
  3. When finished, pull the Shewee away and wipe. Any droplets can be shaken off the Shewee’s liquid repellent surface.
  4. Place the Shewee back into its case, or into a resealable bag. You can clean it with a mild soap later on.


UPDATE: I have since used the Shewee successfully outdoors. Yay! I’m not sure how I ever managed to go walking without it, but it is now an essential part of my outdoors kit.


Author: Millie

I practice the art of original Japanese Reiki, aspiring to take a more heart centred approach to life. I'm passionate about wellbeing, spirituality and the great outdoors

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