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The Upper Coln Valley in Gloucestershire

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Whittington, Gloucestershire – June 2016

For this walk we used: Pathfinder Guides More Cotswolds (Published 2015) Walk 21: Brockhampton, Sevenhampton and Whittington. Distance: 5.75 miles.


The walk begins at Whittington (near Cheltenham) and takes you through the Upper Coln Valley. We parked near an old barn and walked along the road signposted towards Ham. Before long we were climbing up a narrow track through woodland. I saw what must have been an abandoned mine shaft in the hillside. It was barred and chained. I went to take a closer look, and an icy wind blew out of the darkness. It was spooky.

The walking guide says to expect some of the paths to be muddy and overgrown in places. Even in June after a dry spell, a long stretch of woodland bridleway was still churned up and waterlogged. Further on, a natural spring on the hillside meant the grassland was actually a marsh. I’ve never seen this before on the top of a hill. We squelched our way through, our feet totally immersed in the bog. Some of the pathways were overgrown with bushes and nettles which made it slow going.

Most of the time we walked across rough grassland which became a bit tedious after a while, it was a relief to get onto the tarmacked lane leading to Brockhampton. There were some pretty views of the surrounding countryside. Perhaps the most pleasant section was between the villages of Brockhampton and Sevenhampton.

Although this walk is conveniently near to us, it is not one we would particularly choose to do again.

Our Rating: 2/5





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