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A Walk Around Edgeworth and Pinbury Park

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Pinbury Park – December 2015

For this walk we used: Pathfinder Guides More Cotswolds (Published 2015) Walk 8: Edgeworth and Pinbury Park. Distance: 5.5 miles.

We parked in a small bay at the top of a narrow lane which leads down to St Mary’s church in Edgeworth. Almost immediately we saw two deer, they had been resting in the undergrowth and were startled as we passed nearby.

Edgeworth church is medieval, as are many churches in the Cotswold region. It still has a Norman chancel and doorway. Inside the entrance was a decorated Christmas tree, lending an atmosphere of excitement for Christmas Eve. I could imagine villagers having come to this church hundreds of years ago, and later today people would be carrying on the tradition as they arrived for the Christmas Carol service.


Next to the church was the impressive Edgeworth Manor. The track passed to the right of the house and continued across part of the manor gardens into woodland. Here we stopped for a few bites of a Cornish pasty. The sun shone through the trees and illuminated the forest floor. There were bright green plants growing abundantly on the sheltered banks, a lovely sight in amongst the otherwise sleeping woodland.

Manor House .jpg

Edgeworth Manor House

We crossed a bridge over the River Frome, and from there it was uphill through trees and out on to a steep lane. We had to stop several times to catch our breath. On the approach to Pinbury Park an icy gale was blowing, so we hurried along hoping to find a more sheltered stretch. We passed the buildings and manor house, along a gravelled drive lined with honey coloured stone walls.


It was slightly more sheltered here so we took a few moments to enjoy the view across the Frome Valley and drink a flask of hot chocolate. There were woolly black sheep dotted about in the fields below, it was such a peaceful countryside scene. I thought how lucky we were to be there, walking in the Cotswolds.

We continued along the path which entered another woodland, and crossed the river at a flooded Ford using a wooden footbridge. The ground soon became very boggy, and I was glad we had our walking poles to steady us as we climbed up the steep track, which was more like a small stream after all the rain.

We emerged from the woodland onto a large field which was once again exposed to the wind. The sky was looking stormy, so we picked up the pace. After the next field there were pretty views of Edgeworth Manor and the church in the distance. We descended though a gate into the last field and headed towards some stone cottages as described in the guide book. I got slightly side tracked  as I was busy admiring a tree house in a garden, so we missed the gate through to the tarmac drive. For some reason we thought we had gone the wrong way. After going downhill along the hollow of the field, we reached a padlocked gate. We realised our mistake as we watched some other walkers heading for the tree house. We had to walk back up the hill again, but were glad to have found the way as the light was beginning to fade. Once through the gate, it was an easy walk back up the lane to the starting point.

We loved this walk, and will definitely be doing this one again.

Our Rating: 5/5




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