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Bibury – a Quintessential Cotswold Village

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Arlington Row, Bibury - June 2015

Arlington Row, Bibury – June 2015

We have already written about Bibury, but it is such a beautiful place that we visit it often. This is one of our favourite go-to walks as it is so near to Cirencester. You can read our previous post about it here

Bibury is often busy with coach loads of tourists, particularly in the summer months. On this day, there was also a large wedding party at The Swan Hotel. Japanese tourists were snapping photos of the bride and groom like paparazzi.

Actually the Arlington Row cottages were surprisingly quiet as we passed them, but on a crowded day you can quickly escape the hustle and bustle by walking up the hill and heading out across the farm fields. The countryside is so peaceful, we only passed a few people along the entire walk.


Enjoying the countryside

This area has a very special meaning for me, as I associate it with a friend who sadly passed over in 2013 but is always close to my heart. She was born in the Coln valley and although she later moved to Cirencester, she spent her whole life in this corner of Gloucestershire. She was a wonderful, inspiring lady with a beautiful, pure heart. She is greatly missed, but when I walk here I think of her, and I feel her spirit everywhere.

At lunch we rested on a tree stump overlooking the River Coln, and enjoyed a stoneground baguette filled with Manchego cheese and chorizo. It was delicious, and reminded us of when we lived in Spain. After moving back to England, we noticed that by default we’d usually end up with a cheese sandwich made with sliced bread. It takes more thought here to manage to conjure up something delicious. Perhaps we are too preoccupied with making sure we’ve packed all of our wet weather gear. Suzy’s favourite lunch when we are out on the trail is a lovely rustic baguette, and a chunk of cheese carved with my little Norwegian bushcraft knife. Finding a local cheese is the ultimate. Once we ate our ‘ultimate cheese baguette’ overlooking the field of cows that the cheese was made from.



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I practice the art of original Japanese Reiki, aspiring to take a more heart centred approach to life. I'm passionate about wellbeing, spirituality and the great outdoors

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