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Cotswold Walks – Sapperton and Daneway

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For this walk we used: Pathfinder Guides – The Cotswolds (Published 2009) Walk 12: Sapperton and Daneway. Distance: 4.5 miles.

There is plenty of variety and classic English charm on this walk with its delightful meadows, woodlands, sunken tracks and bubbling streams. It is also of significant historical interest, as the final part of the walk follows the old towpath of the abandoned Thames and Severn Canal (1789 – 1927). The views are beautiful, particularly of Sapperton Valley as you descend the hill towards the Daneway.

Photo0579We love to do this walk in all seasons, but it is at its very best in the summer. The whole area seems to come alive in the sunshine. The first section along the Macmillan Way can be really muddy if there has been any rain. It is often best to walk at the edge of the field to the left of the footpath if possible.

Although the distance is only 4.5 miles, it seems longer as there are some steep sections. This time it was more effort than usual as we were carrying backpacks in preparation for walking the Cotswold Way later on in the year.

We decided to stop for hot chocolate before heading up through the final meadow back to Sapperton church. It was a cool evening underneath the trees, but there wasn’t much of a breeze. It wasn’t long before I realised I still should have used a windshield for the alcohol stove!

Hot chocolate at the portal of Kinnerton Tunnel

Brewing hot chocolate at the portal of Kinnerton Tunnel – June 2015

The entrance to the canal tunnel is described as ‘sinister’ in the book, but I find it quite peaceful. It is a wonderful monument to earlier times.

Rating: 5/5

Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating


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