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“Fancy Feast” (Cat Food Tin) Alcohol Backpacking Stove



Here is our very own DIY Fancy Feast alcohol backpacking stove. Thanks to Andrew Skurka for this! Click for instructions

To make it we used the following:

  • “Gourmet Gold” cat food tin = £0.45
  • “Tiger” 6mm single hole paper punch = £1.50 (inc. delivery from Amazon)

It was really easy to make. The most difficult bit is probably getting the glue from the label off the tin. However, someone suggested running it under hot water, then applying some olive oil and letting it soak in before rubbing the glue off. It actually did work! The Tiger punch also worked really well. I thought it might be too flimsy, as it is only meant for punching up to 6 sheets of 80 gsm paper, but it was fine.

I’m really looking forward to trying this stove out, but I’m not sure how effective it will be when used with our Tatonka mugs. The diameter of the base of the mug is only 9 cm, so I’m not sure if the flames will reach outwards too much, probably rendering it inefficient. I meant to try it first with 16 holes at the top of the can and just 8 holes underneath, but in my excitement I completely forgot and punched out two rows of 16. Duh! I’ll get another tin to try out the other version, and see which one is best.

I really hope it works and we can take this backpacking in September.

Watch this space for the results…


16 hole version suited to larger pot

As I expected the version with 16 holes at the bottom would be better for use with a slightly larger pot. The flames were going crazy with a 9 cm diameter mug, so I think it will be losing a lot of heat and not be very fuel efficient.

Verdict: The version with 8 holes at the bottom works much better with a Tatonka mug. The flames were a bit more controlled so that more heat was reaching the surface area of the mug instead of being lost.

We will try it out on some of our upcoming microadventures, but it looks set to be our DIY backpacking stove winner! Next item: aluminium windscreen/ windshield… click here


Author: Millie

I practice the art of original Japanese Reiki, aspiring to take a more heart centred approach to life. I'm passionate about wellbeing, spirituality and the great outdoors

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